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Compost toilets – operating instructions

The secret to a well-functioning aerobic composting toilet lies in the incorporation of carbon matter, or litter.

Comic strip for the compost toilets use

Our advice for the use of our dry / composting toilets:

When installing the container, line the bottom with approximately 5cm of litter.

After each visit, cover with a handful, or a scoopful, of litter.

When the container is full, empty it onto the compost heap.

Then just rinse the container with water and throw the water onto the compost heap.

Before re-installing the bucket, spray the bucket both inside and out with a little water and vinegar dilution, using a small garden atomizer.

Leave the bucket to dry for a short time and then return it to its place.

Once every two or three times, it is advisable to clean the bucket thoroughly using a sponge (used exclusively for this operation), hot water, and a cleaning agent (organic, of course).


To help you understand how the bio-litter toilet functions, we have made this short comic strip that you could display on the wall near the toilet.

In this way, if you haven’t had time to explain, your guests will not be perplexed when they visit your bio-litter toilet.

Click on the following link to download the comic strip in PDF format: