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Why should we use dry toilets ?

10 good reasons for using composting toilets:

1 - Improvement in soil quality by conversion of waste into humus. (To maintain a well-balanced natural cycle, it is important to return to the earth what we have taken from it)

2 - Reduction in water consumption (a water flush represents 25 to 30% of household water consumption)

3 - Financial economy (mains water costs an average of 230€ per year for a 4-person household)

4 -Considerable reduction in water pollution 

5 - No auditory discomfort, water-free toilets are noiseless.

6 - No olfactory discomfort, water-free toilets do not give off any unpleasant odors. (Only the smell of wood shavings)

7 - Easy to install. No plumbing necessary, water-free toilets can be used anywhere.

8 - Develops a sense of responsibility through sustainable management of our waste.

9 - Reduced cost for the collectivities.

10 - Water-free toilets are a fun way to learn or relearn the importance of nature’s cycle.


  Since 2010 our clients have collectively saved 340,754,439 liters of water. Congratulations!”