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Quality Policy

The manufacturing of our dry toilets

Original, practical, esthetically pleasing and reasonably priced,good quality compost toilets.

These keywords define our commitment in the creation and manufacturing of our dry toilets. This is why we do not just manufacture “boxes”, but practical dry toilets that you really want to use. We are master carpenters, and make all the wooden elements ourselves.


The raw materials used in the production of our dry toilets

We select our raw materials according to ecological and qualitative criteria, guided by good old common sense. We favor locally sourced materials whenever possible.

 Our spruce wood is sourced from sustainable woodlands and certified PEFC. We use locally sourced or European wood.  Our hardware and accessories are selected for their quality.         

Our stainless steel collars and plastic buckets are made in France. Stainless steel buckets and lids are made in Sweden (unbeatable price/performance ratio).   

 We make the toilet seats and covers ourselves, specifically designed for dry toilets in order to guarantee a perfect fit to our model, but also because it seems more appropriate to us to build them ourselves rather than buy ready–made sets shipped in from Asia (on the local market, these items represent an unaffordable luxury in the context of our product).

Our manufacturing method 

Since we are aware that the means justify the end (and not the contrary), we create our products with passion in order to offer you the very best. Our daily work is guided by our ecological convictions and a taste for work well done.

 Thepower that runs our machines is provided by Enercoop, (cooperative society providing renewable energy).           

As far as possible, we recycle our off-cuts, in order to avoid excessive waste…and, of course, we use Lecopot dry toilets.

Hardware and finishing products used by Lécopot water-free toilets.


Within reason, we use the least polluting glues, taking into consideration the quality necessary for the final use of our products. Our indoor models are assembled with PVA glue, and our outside models are assembled with weather resistant polyurethane adhesive.

            Our toilets are coated with an eco-friendly finish. Water-based hardening oil (

For our indoor models, oil-based matt sealing varnish from Nature et Harmonie ((

We use uncolored water-based weatherproof glaze from Biopin for our outdoor cubicles.


 The team


Mathieu: manufacturing and finishing

Maurin: conception, finishing, image creation

Julien: conception, manufacturing, finishing, management and administration

France: finishing, management and administration